Australian Careers Institute Pty Ltd and Associated Entities

Background Information

On 8 February 2017, Ferrier Hodgson partners, George Georges and John Lindholm were appointed as joint and several Voluntary Administrators of Australian Careers Institute Pty Ltd and a number of associated entities (the Group) pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) proposal has not been received. Therefore, the Administrators regret to advise that operations of the Sage Institute and WYN have ceased in all locations, effective as at 10 March 2017.

As a consequence, Sage Institute and WYN Institute are no longer taking any more enrolments and with the assistance of ACPET and the Department of Education we are supporting our current students to be placed in other training providers to teach out their current course, or if possible, have their fees re-credited (if they have a VET FEE HELP Loan) or refunded, (if they are a Fee for Service student). Further information for students is outlined in the Closure FAQ document below.

If you are a current student, please contact the Activations team of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training on 1800 875 474 between 9am to 5pm AEST from Monday to Friday.

If you are a creditor, please contact the Administrators on 03 9604 5609. The second meeting of creditors will be held on Thursday, 16 March 2017 at 3pm at our office on level 43, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

The Administrators have opened up the following dedicated hotlines for the administration:

+61 3 9604 5609

+61 3 9604 5608

Company Details

Australian Careers Institute Pty Ltd (Administrators Appointed)
ACN 129 234 920 

Nexus Institute Pty Ltd 
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 112 916 944

24 Hours Fitness Pty Ltd 
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 080 352 334

Cyberlife Pty Ltd  
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 074 986 897

ACN 162 266 668 Pty Ltd
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 162 266 668 

Cyberfit Pty Ltd 
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 085 356 618 

Cyberscene Pty Ltd 
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 074 770 013

The Institute Pty Ltd
(Administrators Appointed)
ACN 129 227 872

(Collectively referred to as the ‘Group’) 


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