Halifax Investment Services Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) (the Company)

Background Information

Morgan Kelly, Stewart McCallum and Phil Quinlan were appointed Administrators of the Company on 23 November 2018 pursuant to Section 436A of the Corporation Act 2001 (Act). On 13 May 2019, Stewart McCallum retired as liquidator.
At the second meeting of creditors held on 20 March 2019, creditors resolved that the Company be wound up pursuant to Section 439C(c) of the Corporations Act 2001 and that the Administrators be appointed as Liquidators of the Company.

Investor updates will be posted on this website regularly. 

Investor and creditor queries can be directed to Link Market Services on 1300 910 051 (within Australia) or by email: halifax@linkmarketservices.com.au or +61 1300 910 051 (if overseas).



Company Details

Halifax Investment Services Pty Ltd
ACN 096 980 522

Notice inviting responses from investors

The Liquidators issued an important Investor Notice on 15 November 2019 outlining the next steps in the Court applications in both Australia and New Zealand. The Investor Notice dated 15 November 2019 invites investors to return questionnaires to the Liquidators outlining their views by 4pm NZDT / 2pm AEDT on 6 December 2019. These responses will then be reviewed by the Liquidators and provided to the Courts at the appropriate time.

The Liquidators encourage all investors to read the below Investor Notice dated 15 November 2019 carefully.

Disclaimer: Please note, the information in the documents below are for general information only, current at the time of publication, and should not be considered as a comprehensive statement on any matter, taken as constituting professional advice or be construed as a recommendation to take or not to take any action. While KPMG and the Liquidators of Halifax Investment Services Pty Limited (In Liquidation) and Halifax New Zealand Limited (In Liquidation) have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained within the pages of this communication is accurate and current as at the date of issue, errors or omissions may occur due to circumstances outside our control. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information in these communications relates to my unique circumstances.


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