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Background Information

On 19 September 2001, John Menzies Spark and Peter Damien McCluskey were appointed Voluntary Administrators of the Pasminco Group of Companies. Trading in Pasminco Limited ("Pasminco") shares ceased on 20 September 2001. On 4 October 2002, Pasminco and each of the subsidiaries under Voluntary Administration executed Deeds of Company Arrangement ("DOCAs"). John Menzies Spark and Peter Damien McCluskey were appointed Administrators of the DOCAs. (In October 2007 John Ross Lindholm replaced John Spark as Deed Administrator).

Pursuant to the DOCAs, a new company, Zinifex Limited ("Zinifex"), was formed to acquire certain shares and other interests in entities that operated key assets in the Pasminco Group as part of the restructure process. Shares in Zinifex were sold through an Initial Public Offering ("IPO"). Shares in Zinifex began trading on the Australian Stock Exchange on 5 April 2004.

Pasminco and the Residual Group remain under the control of the Administrators who are currently managing its wind up.  For the most recent updates on the status and progress of the Administration, please see our reports below

Company Details

ABN: 34 004 368 674

ACN: 004 368 674


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