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What is The Plan?

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Our core values are fundamental beliefs that drive our behavior as a Firm and guide all aspects of our business. Our values underpin the way in which we operate, work together with our clients and interact as individuals and teams within Ferrier Hodgson. They shape the culture and define and strengthen the character of our Firm.

Our values are the underlying principles which guide our actions and behaviour at work, the way in which we relate to one another and the way in which we provide services to our clients. They enable us to build a shared culture and have confidence that we are all making decisions using the same principles.

Ferrier Hodgson is well known for its ability to achieve successful outcomes within formal insolvency appointments, but our experience goes well beyond that, incorporating a history of business assessment strategies in both distressed and non-distressed environments.

Established in 1976, Ferrier Hodgson is a group of dedicated professionals specialising in Corporate Advisory, Forensics, Corporate Recovery and Management Consulting. We have seven offices across the major business centres in Australia and Asia, with 32 partners and more than 320 staff across the region.

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