Industry Overview

The energy industry is experiencing rapid change worldwide. Concerns over carbon pollution are driving a transition away from carbon intensive fossil fuel power generation and towards renewables technology.

Government incentives and subsidies have powered this trend driving increases in volume and advances in technology which have rapidly improved the economics of renewable generation, particularly solar and wind.

Changes to government regulation have challenged investors over recent years and has made the path to renewables more difficult. There is also the fundamental technical difficulties associated with intermittent supply and distributed generation systems.

As additional renewable supply is added, demand is falling due to broader economic conditions, high retail prices and the adoption of energy efficiency measures by consumers. Wholesale power prices have suffered accordingly.

In the oil and gas sector, the explosion of unconventional oil and gas projects and the commissioning of a number of mammoth LNG projects in Australia have seen oil and gas prices fall to historic lows.

Key Drivers

Our Services

Ferrier Hodgson’s energy team has been involved in a number of complex power and energy related projects in Australia and around the world.

Our team comprises a combination of financial restructuring professionals and true industry experts to assist clients in:

  • Assessing the status and prospects of particular projects, assets or situations;
  • Monitoring compliance with financial and operational performance covenants;
  • Developing restructuring solutions in complex situations; and
  • Managing the sale or decommissioning of facilities.