Industry Overview

Under the constant competitive pressure of low cost Asian economies, remoteness from large-scale markets, rising input costs, a high standard of living threshold and narrowing profit margins, the manufacturing industry has experienced a steady decline over the course of the last 30 years.

However, the industry remains one of the largest contributors to Australia’s national GDP and employment and continues to represent a breeding ground for innovation and technology advancement.

Many manufacturers have not had the resources or the willingness to make the change to a more dynamic manufacturing environment and have suffered the consequences. Mass production of commoditised products is well and truly a thing of the past.

Australia’s manufacturing future is dependent upon a focus on mass customization, a move towards advanced design, innovative production techniques, after-market service, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to infiltrate global supply chains.

Key Drivers

Our Services

Ferrier Hodgson’s manufacturing team has a track record of working with domestic and global manufacturers and delivering successful outcomes of varying scale.

In conjunction with our business performance improvement specialists in Azurium (our wholly owned management consulting business), the team is able to provide our clients with customized solutions to drive operational change, optimized performance and financial restructuring.

Our team is able to assist with:

  • Mapping and analysis of supply chains (order-to-cash cycles) including identification of inefficiencies and limitations, assisting with sourcing strategies and supplier relationship management.
  • Advice on business processes and cycle-times and other operational constraints including people, technology, location, etc.
  • Independent working capital reviews, financial forecast assessments (inc. cashflow and sensitivity analysis) and debt restructuring advice.
  • Advice on business transformation including strategic guidance / due diligence on acquisition, joint venture and merger opportunities.
  • Formal insolvency solutions.