Retail and Consumer Brands

Industry Overview

Retail and consumer brands are undergoing one of the most significant structural changes in history, driven by the forces of digital disruption, globalisation and consumer empowerment.

Enabled by mobile technology, consumers have become more sophisticated than ever and are now acutely aware of the value-equation paradigm (product, service, price and convenience) that once was the sole domain of the retailer.

This shift in power to consumers has required many retailers and consumer brands to rethink their business models and rapidly develop strategies to re-engage with their traditional customers.

Successful brands adopt world’s best practice in terms of customer engagement, product development and sourcing, stock management, branding and visual merchandising, customer relationship management (CRM) and retail operations, powered by the latest advancements in digital technologies.

In a world where change has now become constant, retailers and consumer brands are reengineering their organisations away from product push models, towards consumer pull.

Indeed we believe the mantra of “customer first” is no longer a simple service proposition, it is a reflection of the entire organisational alignment of successful brands.

Key Drivers

Our Services

Ferrier Hodgson’s retail team has a track record of understanding retailers and consumer brands and delivering successful outcomes.

Led by James Stewart our team has more than 70 years of combined experience with retailers, consumer brands and shopping centre developers and operators.

Coupled with our retail property and business performance improvement specialists in Azurium (our wholly owned management consulting business) the team is able to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions to drive performance improvement.

We provide:

  • Advice on the direction and the sustainability of business models, including clarification of brand identity, organisational skill reviews and structural redesign, change management and business turnaround strategies;
  • Advice on operational redesign of performance management frameworks, customer analytics and insights, solutions to property and tenancy issues, omni-channel strategies and digital integration;
  • Advice on product and supply chain related issues including product mix, manufacturing and product quality improvement programs, sourcing strategies and supplier relationship management;
  • Independent working capital reviews, financial forecast assessments (inc. cash flow and sensitivity analysis) and debt restructuring advice; and
  • Formal insolvency solutions.


To bring new ideas to our clients we recently held our annual business breakfast in Melbourne, Rumble in the Jungle. The event featured guest speaker, Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of

Ruslan Kogan had our guests enthralled as he recounted his early struggle to develop the business, before ultimately listing it on the ASX, and now facing up to amazon, the biggest online gorilla in the retail world. The following video contains highlights and key insights from the breakfast.