Sydney Apartment Market Overview


There is plenty of publicity on the residential property and residential construction sector in Sydney. We’ve had a look at the high density apartment supply pipeline to December 2019 with some interesting results for the developers, builders and lenders involved. With the demand for apartments showing signs of slowing, are there areas of oversupply? What are the implications for lenders, builders and developers involved?

In this study, we have looked at the large scale high density apartment market in the Sydney Metropolitan area with developments set to be completed by 2019. We have looked at both the top builders and developers in the market analysing how they are financed and where the new developments will be located in around the metropolitan area. These findings have resulted in key observations in regards to the trends and momentum of the current high rise property market.

How can we help?

Our data set enables us to provide detailed and actionable insights to stakeholders in the market. We have a team of experienced property professionals with extensive involvement in the residential apartment sector. This team includes our Azurium Real Estate experts who have coalface experience stemming from their background in senior leadership roles at market-leading organisations.

Where appropriate, our team can work with and advise developers and financiers with regard to their exit strategy, facilitating project completion, mitigating settlement risk and sale of remaining stock.

To find out more, or for further information as to how we can assist, please contact one of our property team members below or our Azurium Real Estate experts.