Rumble in the Jungle breakfast - Retail video with Ruslan Kogan

Ferrier Hodgson and Azurium hosted their highly successful Annual Retail briefing, Rumble in the Jungle, with Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of earlier this month.


Ruslan Kogan had our guests enthralled as he recounted his early struggle to develop the business, before ultimately listing it on the ASX, and now facing up to Amazon, the biggest online gorilla in the retail world


Watch some of the out takes on this short video (3 mins)


Key takeaways from the morning included:   

  • It is critical to understand who your customer is - what makes them come, stay, click, convert, return, leave?
  • Decision-making should be driven by data analytics - there’s no room for gut feel
  • Data isn’t only available to big business – small data sets can still be used in meaningful ways
  • The pending arrival of Amazon should be embraced, not feared - a rising tide raises all boats
  • Value isn’t always about bang for buck, retailers can create value for customers in ways other than through price