Brisbane apartment market review 2019: Sale prices and volume of sales are down and settlement periods are longer

In this review, we provide the latest insights on the Brisbane and Gold Coast Apartment Markets, based on our ongoing research of the market over the past two years looking at who is funding and the extent of residual stock.

We have been tracking the Brisbane market since 2016, and now have a database of 12,987 apartments (down from a peak of 19,230 apartments), across 45 projects of greater than 25 apartments in size, which are currently under construction or recently completed.
The Gold Coast database contains 4,593 apartments (up from 3,282 apartments in 2017), across 52 projects of greater than 15 apartments in size, which are currently under construction or recently completed.

These reports look at the below, please click on the reports below to read the full copy.

1. Introduction 
2. Methodology
3. Summary 
4. Supply
5. Project funding
6. Demand
7. Increasing unsold developer stock 
8. Other trends 
9. Managing settlement risk
10. Expectations for the future 
11. Snapshot of the market
12. Our Queensland property team

Brisbane Apartment Report

Gold Coast apartment report  

How can we help?

Our data set enables us to provide detailed and actionable insights to stakeholders in the market. We have a team of experienced property professionals with extensive involvement in the residential apartment sector. This team includes our Azurium Real Estate experts who have coalface experience stemming from their background in senior leadership roles at market-leading organisations.

Where appropriate, our team can work with and advise developers and financiers with regard to their exit strategy, facilitating project completion, mitigating settlement risk and sale of remaining stock.

To find out more, or for further information as to how we can assist, please contact one of our property team members below or our Azurium Real Estate experts. 

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