Having a well defined strategic focus is critical; it drives stabilisation, performance improvement and longevity

Our role: 

We were initially engaged by the owners to conduct a Strategic Business Review and identify strategic, operational and financial challenges facing their business. Our review identified that the core business had:

1. lost its strategic focus by operating on a month-to-month basis with limited forward planning,

2. diverted management's attention to non-core operations,

3. adopted a tactical and reactive approach to growing sales amid intense competition,

4. a poorly resourced sales team with no accountability for top-line performance,

5. a lack of proactive engagement with key customers to help solve their complex supply chain problems,

6. an “asset-heavy”, vertically integrated business model with underutilised assets, aging systems and inefficient and costly business operations. 

We defined a range of strategic performance improvement initiatives that would address the key challenges faced by the business. A coherent strategy was then defined to improve its financial performance and ultimately enhance enterprise value using the following four key elements:

Our role was subsequently extended to define a detailed roadmap to implement the agreed strategic vision. We established a Program Management Office to execute this complex change program in an integrated way to ensure that key strategic objectives were met by the business. The business is currently in the third year of a 5-year change program.

What are the key strategic principles:

Successful turnarounds do not take place overnight, so it is vital that a well-defined strategy is in place to provide direction both through the turnaround and beyond.

How can we help?

We frequently work with corporates to assist management teams navigate uncertainty – we can make the difference to how your business preserves, creates and delivers value in times of crisis.

Our experienced team knows that a successful turnaround must address the fundamental problems, tackle the underlying causes and be broad and deep enough to resolve all key business issues within each phase of a turnaround.