Specialising in the fields of forensic technology and electronic discovery, Peter has more than 18 years of electronic evidence experience 


Peter’s forensic IT career began with the NSW Police High Tech Crime Unit in 1999 and includes eight years with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He joined the Sydney Forensic IT practice of Ferrier Hodgson in 2010. Peter completed his PhD examining the impact of effective IT governance on the performance of accounting information systems in 2016.

Peter has conducted hundreds of investigations on matters such as intellectual property theft, fraud, misuse of computer systems, computer crime, network penetration analysis and system activity analysis. He has an excellent understanding of a wide variety of forensic and electronic discovery software and hardware.

During his career, Peter has developed extensive experience supporting civil and criminal investigations and litigation for government, corporate and private clients including participation in dozens of live search warrant and civil Anton Piller actions for numerous enforcement agencies and law firms. He is well versed in the preparation and delivery of analysis results as an expert witness to the State and Federal courts.

Major projects

Client confidentiality requirements preclude the provision of specific details; however some of Peter's most notable cases include:

  • Provision of e-discovery and litigation support services involving over 10 terabytes of user files and email data for an ongoing Australian litigation
  • Investigation of 20 computer systems and 3 servers for a multinational medical equipment manufacturer in relation to alleged large scale intellectual property theft by former employees
  • Collection and analysis of electronic evidence from 4 countries relating to a multi-million dollar fraud


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