Sean has considerable experience in the capture and preservation of electronic evidence and data for clients


Sean leads the forensic IT practice in Perth, and brings an analytical and solution focused approach to assignments.  He has extensive experience in corporate investigations and has been involved in numerous engagements involving intellectual property theft, restraint of trade matters, electronic fraud and the forensic preservation of digital evidence from servers, laptops and mobile devices.

Sean is also experienced in the provision of eDiscovery services, including the capture, preparation, deduplication and culling of data sets, with experience in several leading platforms.

Recent major projects

  • Investigation of IP theft following exit of key senior staff and establishment of a competing business.
  • Analysis of a sophisticated electronic fraud scheme. 
  • Covert investigation into improper network access by a senior employee. 
  • Recovery of key images and items from a mobile device.
  • Data recovery exercise following a sale of business transaction with documents deleted from the system prior to settlement.
  • Data preservation of live multi server environments including multiple key user desktops / laptops. 
  • e-discovery assistance on various civil actions, including capture, consolidation, de-duplication and analysis services. 


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