Board advisory and risk management services

Following our independent review of internal risk management, business leaders will have the confidence to make decisions that take a business forward in the knowledge that risk issues have been identified and either managed or resolved.


All businesses face risks, and success is often dependent on the timely identification and management of those risks. This is an issue for both Senior Management as well as Company Directors.

Company director roles have become alarmingly complex and time consuming as a result of the ballooning expectations of regulators, investors and the impact of legal proceedings and court judgements.

When a risk event occurs, the systems and procedures of the business will become subject to external review to determine whether the policies were reasonable, and if not, Directors and Senior Management can be held personally accountable.

Seeking risk management advice should not only occur when an issue arises. By being proactive and seeking advice before a problem emerges can help management to avoid the escalation of issues in the future.

Our risk management team can undertake independent reviews of finance, technology, human resources and reporting policies, procedures and systems to identify where issues may occur or where change is needed. The implementation and management of change strategies can also by undertaken by the Ferrier Hodgson team.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Our experience in managing both large and small businesses provides first-hand knowledge of risk issues and personal liability.

This background combined with our in depth industry knowledge means that we have a broad approach to risk, encompassing people, technology and finance.