Government advisory

Through our broad skill set, we assist government agencies guiding policy, managing risk, developing strategy and improving efficiency and administering funds.


Across all tiers of government, there is increased scrutiny of spending and growing demands to provide proof of investment.

At the same time, governments are being continually urged to improve service delivery and to invest in significant social and business infrastructure.

The ageing population will likewise place unprecedented pressures on governments to do more with less revenue, requiring innovative thinking and flexible solutions.

We work with a range of government clients to assist in areas such as:

  • Review of government assets and development of recommendations for future use;
  • Provision of financial advisory and accounting support;
  • Financial modelling and risk identification;
  • Fraud investigations, including IT-related investigations;
  • Property advisory; and
  • Business valuations.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

We bring to our government clients:

  • Independent, objective and trusted advice;
  • Extensive experience in professional advisory roles on large and complex assignments;
  • Deep pockets of industry expertise, particularly in sectors of interest to government; and
  • Direct access to the most senior people in the business, with partners available and involved in delivering high quality service.