Contract compliance

Our contract compliance services help private and public sector clients to protect the value of their contractual relationships with suppliers, customers and other parties.


Whether in relation to large construction projects, licensing of intellectual property or outsourcing of services, the value of a well-negotiated bargain can be significantly eroded if parties are not held to the terms of a contract.

Examples of our contract compliance capability include:

  • Compliance reviews and payments verification testing on major projects in resources and construction sectors;
  • Compliance reviews in relation to service delivery agreements in sectors such as education and tourism;
  • Reviews of expenditure and acquittal of funds on behalf of private and public funding bodies;
  • Investigation of suspected non-compliance with contractual requirements;
  • Advice in relation to disputes flowing from alleged non-compliance with contractual requirements, including acting as an expert witness where required;
  • Assessments of counterparties’ financial capacity to remain solvent and meet their contractual obligations; and
  • Assistance with developing and implementing compliance regimes.

To complement traditional document reviews, we have a variety of technology solutions to efficiently conduct analysis of financial and operational data in order to identify evidence of potential non-compliance.

The benefits of a contract compliance regime involving forensic contract reviews include:

  • The ability to identify and address non-compliant behaviour before it becomes an expensive problem;
  • Financial savings by avoiding inappropriate or inflated payments to suppliers and service providers;
  • Encouraging honest and compliant behaviour in contractual counterparties; and
  • Providing useful information about the capability and reliability of contractual counterparties for future negotiations.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Based on our experience, we understand the importance of:

  • Understanding risks inherent in contracts and knowing where to look for evidence of potential non-compliance;
  • Appreciating the context of our work – from negotiation to litigation – and its potential effect on the relationship between the parties to the contract;
  • Respecting confidentiality and being sensitive to reputation issues; and
  • Standing behind our reports should disputes arise.