Dispute advisory

Whether as independent expert witnesses or consulting experts, we provide our clients facing litigation, or the threat of litigation, with reliable, commercial and technically sound advice.


Our dispute advisory experts have extensive knowledge of litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes and an understanding of the legal principles that apply to the acceptance of expert evidence in court. We pride ourselves on providing reports and advice which convey complex technical issues in a manner understandable to those outside our profession.

The diverse professional backgrounds of our team members allow us to provide advice in relation to a broad spectrum of issues, often with the assistance of our Forensic IT experts.

Our expertise includes:

  • Quantification of loss and damage;
  • Technical accounting issues, including application of accounting standards;
  • Valuation of businesses and other assets;
  • Solvency opinions;
  • Reconstruction and interpretation of financial records and other information; and
  • Transaction tracing and reconstruction of asset holdings.

Our experts regularly provide advice in the context of:

  • Commercial disputes, including breach of contract, torts and misleading or deceptive conduct;
  • Shareholder class actions;
  • Post-transaction disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions;
  • Shareholder and joint venture disputes;
  • Compensation claims for business interruption or termination resulting from compulsory acquisitions of land;
  • Matters involving infringement of intellectual property rights and misuse of confidential information;
  • Taxation and duties disputes involving the valuation of businesses or other assets; or
  • Insurance claims for business interruption and other losses.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Our dispute advisory team provides:

  • An independent and objective mindset;
  • Responsive service and fast mobilisation of resources;
  • Proven methodologies that have regard to evidentiary requirements and procedural fairness;
  • Appreciation of confidentiality and reputation issues;
  • Clear reports; and
  • Realistic recommendations and implementation services.