Restructuring and turnaround services

The key to protecting value in distressed situations is to recognise problems as they develop and act well before the company finds itself in an insolvency situation.


A well designed and executed turnaround plan targets the underlying causes of business problems at an early stage. This process requires courage, vision and conviction and in almost all cases, will benefit enormously from the involvement of experienced turnaround professionals.

Our experienced turnaround professionals can assist in rapidly assessing the root causes of financial distress and designing, negotiating and implementing a strategy to turn the fortunes of the business around.

When embarking on a restructuring program, companies can also access additional skills and experience through appointing a restructuring advisor. A Ferrier Hodgson team member or one of our consultants can be engaged to design and implement a restructure plan to transform a business. Appointing a restructuring professional ensures your management team do not lose focus on running the business while a restructure is being formulated.

We can assist management, creditors or shareholders in:

  • Diagnosing the cause of a company’s underperformance;
  • Identifying options available to remediate;
  • Managing and driving changes necessary within the organisation;
  • Preparing detailed forecasts and conducting scenario analysis to support and assess the turnaround;
  • Leading discussions and negotiations between parties to achieve consensus on what needs to be done; and
  • Putting the agreed plan into action.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Ferrier Hodgson’s restructuring specialists will develop a strategy that offers the best chance of a turnaround. Our team are:

  • Independent, objective and experienced;
  • Capable of managing the most complex of businesses and situations;
  • Backed by industry experts with deep knowledge of strategy and operational issues within their sector;
  • Respectful of confidentiality and sensitive to reputation issues;
  • Mindful of the need to provide clear reports;
  • Conscious of providing realistic recommendations; and
  • Able to assist our clients with implementation.