Technology and Forensic IT

Our Technology and Forensic IT specialists bring together technical expertise and deep knowledge of legal processes, allowing them to face stringent challenges regarding the credibility of evidence.

Knowing where to look to unearth digital evidence requires both technical expertise and a strong appreciation of legal processes. Our Technology and Forensic IT specialists possess the qualifications, training and experience to meet legal expectations and challenges regarding the credibility of evidence. This is backed up by experience gained in many of the most complex and high-profile cases in this field.

In all of our work we understand that evidence production may occur many months or years in the future. We combine detailed record keeping with thorough and consistent evidence processing practices. In undertaking a Technology and Forensic IT engagement we follow the best-practice principles and standards of electronic evidence handling as prescribed by the rules of evidence and admissibility.

The potential application of these skills is vast, and in recent times has included:

  • Expert analysis and evidence in intellectual property and piracy cases;
  • Investigations into the misuse of intellectual property and confidential/commercially sensitive material;
  • Acquisition and examination of electronic evidence in workplace disputes relating to unfair dismissal, discrimination and privacy;
  • Employee and executive fraud investigations;
  • Investigations into identity theft;
  • Investigations of extortions where demands are transmitted electronically;
  • Investigations into industrial espionage;
  • Investigations into website defacement and denial-of-service attacks;
  • Assistance in the execution of Search Orders, Anton Pillar orders and evidence preservation by consent;
  • Computer forensic services such as data acquisitions; and
  • Data acquisitions to secure books and records in formal insolvency appointments.

Our Technology and Forensic IT services are:

  • Data preservation and collection
  • IP theft and workplace compliance
  • eDiscovery
  • Incident response
  • Web-based matter hosting
  • Cyber advisory