As organisations digitally evolve to take advantage of technological advances, they have also become exposed to complex new business risks which threaten the confidentiality and integrity of their business data. Regulatory compliance as well as data privacy means that cybersecurity is now a critical component of effective organisational governance.


Cybersecurity services cover a broad range of activities to identify, respond and protect against cyber threats.
We offer three core services that help businesses achieve their cybersecurity objectives.

Cybersecurity in a company is everyone’s responsibility. Identifying and repelling threats requires a disciplined and strategic approach to managing your network and information assets.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Ferrier Hodgson recognises the evolving trends and types of risk exposures that technology poses to today’s businesses. Our Cyber experts have been at the forefront of some of the largest breaches, undertaking investigations on behalf of a myriad of different businesses.

We provide a truly unique perspective on the threats faced by organisations, driven largely off the back of our extensive forensic security experience. Our commercially focussed approach provides a real understanding of the risks and delivers these on a digital delivery platform.

Our Cyber team includes:

  • Qualified cybersecurity professionals with experience across a diverse range of industries
  • IT professionals with diverse backgrounds including from law enforcement and academia
  • Real, court tested experts who have investigated some of the largest breaches in Australia