Data preservation and collection

Through using specialists trained in data preservation and collection of electronic evidence, an organisation reduces the risk of loss or unusable data for evidence and court proceedings.


Fundamental to any forensic investigation is the proper preservation and collection of electronic evidence. While clients may be tempted by artificial cost savings, the use of internal IT staff who are not properly trained in handling electronic evidence in preparation for potential litigation, exposes the client to a minefield of risk.

Our Forensic IT team are experienced in matters including:

  • Pre-action data preservation;
  • Execution of search orders or Anton Piller orders and “search by consent” orders;
  • Data collection under ACCC Orders (and then providing discovery and hosting services to search the data);
  • Analysis of file and data deletion and recovery (where possible);
  • Data collection from cloud storage or cloud based email services;
  • Data collection and preservation where source data requires the collection from multiple points;
  • Preservation, analysis and recovery of data from mobile telephones and tablet devices;
  • Extraction and analysis from other forms of electronic storage such as CCTV footage, backup tapes and network storage; and
  • Preservation of electronic data to satisfy statutory obligations (for example insolvency appointments).

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

The Ferrier Hodgson investigators are:

  • Highly trained and utilise forensically sound practices in the collection of data to avoid altering the source evidence;
  • Able to provide detailed documentation, including chain of custody information; and
  • Certified with relevant industry qualifications.