IP theft and workplace compliance

In today’s technologically advanced workplaces, expert investigations can be required to determine whether unauthorised access or theft of IP has occurred by either current or previous employees.


Our Forensic IT team specialises in investigating and reporting on matters involving allegations of IP theft and other forms of employee misconduct. The team can also provide assistance in industrial disputes.

Investigations into allegations of IP theft need to be undertaken by specialists that are experienced in quickly investigating the common avenues that ex-employees may seek to exploit.

The Forensic IT team are also experienced in the preparation of Expert’s Reports that clearly articulate the findings and are often called upon to defend these reports in Court.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

Our Forensic IT investigators are experienced in matters including:

  • Theft, transmission or sale of intellectual property (or confidential or commercially sensitive material);
  • Execution of search orders or Anton Piller orders to properly preserve electronic evidence;
  • Breach of fiduciary obligations as an employee (for example, in commencing a competing business whilst still employed by the former employer);
  • Workplace or sexual harassment and bullying;
  • Unfair dismissal claims;
  • Unauthorised access of computers, networks or data;
  • Access to inappropriate material (such as pornography);
  • Examination of document metadata;
  • Misuse of social media, email or websites; and
  • Preparation of Expert’s Reports or acting as Expert Witness.

We often propose a staged approach so clients can reassess their claim based on preliminary or initial findings. This removes the need to commit to lengthy investigations at the outset when the outcome is uncertain.