Web-based legal matter hosting

When you have large amounts of data, a web-based legal matter hosting system can assist to store the data so it can be searched, shared and managed for legal proceedings.


A web-based legal matter hosting system provides the means to store data that can then be searched or accessible for litigation and other legal proceedings. When selecting a system, it is important for it be flexible but without compromising on the security of the data.

There are a variety of situations where a web-based legal matter hosting system can assist including:

  • Hosting of e-discovery matters for litigation
  • Internal document review
  • ECA (Early Case Assessment) tool to reduce the volume of documentation sent to lawyers
  • As a portal for shared review of key documents and findings during corporate and forensic investigations
  • Sharing access to confidential or commercially sensitive material
  • Detailed examination of document meta data (once it has been properly preserved)
  • Electronic data rooms   

Ferrier Hodgson provides a range of secure, web-enabled portals for e-discovery and matter review that can be tailored specifically for each client engagement.

Why choose Ferrier Hodgson

When engaging Ferrier Hodgson to provide web-based legal matter hosting you receive platforms that are:

  • Accessible via any web browser with an internet connection making it accessible from work or home, and on any device capable of running a browser;
  • Scalable depending on whether your matter is a small commercial claim up to a complex multi-party litigation such as a class action;
  • Secure through using industry standard encryption;
  • Fully compliant with Australian standards and supports electronic discovery exchange protocols (for example Federal Court CM6); and
  • Enabled with all the usual functionality including deduplication, tagging, multiple simultaneous user-access, extensive querying and filtering, ability to OCR documents, and compatible with Ringtail and other common legal case management packages.